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Next Steps 4 Seniors May 4, 2019 - “Affordable Moving Services” and “Reunite The Fight”

May 8, 2019

For this episode, we have two topics, "Affordable Moving Services" and "Reunite The Fight" Karen Mendoza is part of a family owned business that cares about helping you move from one place to another. They take care in transporting your precious goods, and want to help you pack, transport, and re-set up your new place. It can be overwhelming and many people may not even move because they do not want to have to think about packing all of their stuff. Affordable Moving Services can make your life easier, they can be reached at 248-802-8571. The last few segments we spoke with Scott Gatto the CEO and Founder of "Reunite the Fight" a non profit organization that connects veterans to one another through events and trips, focuses on keeping our veterans in a good state of mind. Donations go directly to veterans for travel expenses to bring people together, and create support systems for one another. ReUnite the Fight also assists veterans with disability claims, writing resumes, and provides a number of other resources to our veterans. Please visit for more information...