Next Steps For Seniors November 25, 2018 - The Benefits of Pre-Planning a Funeral

November 27, 2018

Please join us as we discuss Affordable Funerals with Mary Costanza. Mary will discuss the benefits of pre-planning, the cost involved, and the different options that are out there.


Next Steps for Seniors November 17, 2018 - Symptoms to be Aware of to Avoid a Health Crisis

November 18, 2018

Please join us as we chat with Lisa Gendza. Lisa is a Health Coach & Wellness Coordinator. She will share with us the most important symptoms to be aware of to avoid a health crisis. We will also discuss the correlation between diet and dementia, and the 3pm slump that we all experience, but is not normal.


Next Steps For Seniors November 10, 2018 - Skilled Nursing Communities and the Benefits

November 13, 2018

Please join us as we chat with David Duffy Administrator from Clinton-Aire Healthcare Center. David will discuss skilled nursing communities, and the different ways they are covered under your health care benefits.


Next Steps For Seniors November 3, 2018 - The Basics from the Alzheimer’s Assocation

November 5, 2018

Ms. Lauren Cetnar, Education Program Coordinator, from the Alzheimer's Association, defines the differences between dementia and normal aging. She also discusses programs offered to support caregivers.

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Next Steps For Seniors October 27, 2018- The Benefits of Hospice

October 30, 2018

Please join us today as we talk with Maddy Boyd, Director of Business Development for The Care Team. Maddy will be discussing hospice services, what will qualify you, the benefits you would receive, how to address hospice sooner, and would it be covered under you insurance. If you have any questions regarding hospice please make sure to tune in today!


Next Steps For Seniors October 20, 2018 - Benefits of a Long term Care Policy

October 21, 2018

Please join us today as we talk with Barbara Fanone from Priority Wealth Management. Barbara shares with our listeners the benefits of a shared long-term policy and how it can save you money. We also discuss how new life insurance could potentially be used for long-term care.


Next Steps For Seniors October 14, 2018 - How to get the proper Rehabilitation

October 15, 2018

Amir Nawan owner of St. Mary Rehabilitation walked us through the process of how to get your loved one the proper rehab. He also discussed a recent change in the law that all consumers should be aware of in regards to physical therapy.


Next Steps For Seniors October 6, 2018 - Top 10 Nursing Home Problems

October 7, 2018

Attorney Patricia Dudek from Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek & Associates explains what the top 10 nursing home problems are and how to resolve them.


Next Steps For Seniors September 29, 2018 - Medicare & What to Know

October 2, 2018

Barbara Todd-Leffel from All Benefit Agency will be telling us about Michigan Medigap Subsidy and how it may help you offset the premiums if you may qualify. We will also be joined by Nichole Shotwell from The Brain Injury Association discussing resources and information for individuals impacted by brain injuries.


Next Steps For Seniors September 22, 2018 - CBD Nutritional Products Education

September 23, 2018

CBD Unlimited educates us on their phyto-nutrient (plant-based) food and nutritional products for animal and human consumption. 


Next Steps For Seniors September 15, 2018 - Renting Your Home & how to Streamline it

September 16, 2018

Mark and Tricia Raymond share a unique way to pay for assisted living costs. If you have ever considered renting your home instead of selling it, this is the program you want to hear! They discuss the fears people have with renting and how they can help you streamline the process. They also give us an idea of how rental income is determined.


Next Steps For Seniors September 8, 2018 - Harbor Oaks Hospital

September 9, 2018

Krystal Armstrong, Jayme Gotts-Dodich, and Darnell Jennings from Harbor Oaks Hospital talk about mental health issues such as Dementia, Depression, and Anxiety that are prevalent in our senior population.


Next Steps For Seniors September 1, 2018 - FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers

September 4, 2018

Scarlet from FYZICALTherapy & Balance Centers talks about Vestibular Therapy and Vertico. The Patriot's own Tony Fort,
Studio Tech/ Producer, also shares his personal experience with Vertigo.


Next Steps For Seniors August 25, 2018 - Money Matters

August 27, 2018

Financial Manager Brian Kurtz from Money Matters discusses the number on concern that retirees have about their money. Wendy and Brian also discuss what's covered by insurance and what's not and how to plan for the long term.


Next Steps 4 Seniors August 18 2018 - Silver Dawn Training Institute “The Dementia Raw Method”

August 20, 2018

Ms. Tami Neumann (Chief Operations Officer) and Ms.Cathy Braxton (Chief Education Officer) from Silver Dawn Training Institute, will be discussing how to effectively communicate with a loved one that has dementia. (Creators of The Dementia Raw Method).


Next Steps For Seniors August 11, 2018 - Veterans Benefits & How to Get Them

August 13, 2018

Mark McCauly from Mi Senior Life walks us through Veterans Benefits and how to take advantage of them to help your Veteran family members with their housing expenses.


Next Steps For Seniors August 4, 2018 - Parkinson’s Early Detection

August 6, 2018

Arlena Tyre from Beaumont will talk to us about Parkinson's and what you need to look for in early detection. She shares that the sense of smell and taste could be one of the first indications.